Lesson 11

Making the Screen Bigger

So far, all of our drawings have been pretty small. When we create a new program, we only have 100 lights from the left and 100 lights from the top to work with. But what if we want a little more space to draw?

Luckily, there is another function called size that can help us. It takes two attributes - width and height:

size(width, height);

So if we wanted to make our program 500 lights wide and 300 lights tall, we could write:



Defines the dimension of the display window width and height in units of pixels

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We can also tell our program to be as big as the entire screen with the fullScreen(); command.

Up till now, I’ve been using the word lights to describe the lights on your screen. In programming, however, we use the word pixels to describe these lights. From now on, I will use that word.

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